01 Oct Why Prawns?

Just prawns?

Why not?

In Australia one of the most special types of food we are fortunate to have at our tables – are our delicious fresh Australian Prawns.
Food brings people together, and prawns are the ultimate share food!!

I am sure most families enjoy prawns for special occasions and annual celebrations like Christmas…why wait for Christmas – prawns should be enjoyed all throughout summer.
After a swim or a surf – they taste the best, sitting in your cossies round the table (no time to change) cold beer or crispy vino in hand…fresh rolls with homemade cocktail sauce! Every family has the slow peeler…ours is ‘Uncle Paulie’ – in our family of speedy peelers its peel or be peeled!!??? To help him out we peel ‘one for me and one for Paul’ so he doesn’t miss out.

There is no secret amongst my friends and family – I LOVE TO EAT.
But not just anything – I make every meal count.

Whether it is my breakfast (usually eaten on the run) a good (must be great coffee) or a weekday meal, I like to eat well.

I love to talk about food – happy to reminisce about past meals and drool over future ones to come. I want to enjoy fresh, great produce and surround myself with people that like me are excited by food.

So that is why!

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