07 Oct The Making of Percy

One thing I do get excited about is Street Food! So often you can stumble across some passionate foodie not worn down by the pressures a fulltime establishment can bring and be surprised by some really sumptuous humble cooking and truly fresh and inspiring produce. I love the quirkiness and originality that can be found with street vendors, food trucks and pop-up stalls.

Let’s just say the making of ‘Percy’ – my teardrop trailer friend has been a long process with lots of ‘NO’s! along the way.
I wanted to do this well, make something special and different to share these amazing crustaceans.

It has been such a learning curve and for the past year I have been fortunate to come across many people so passionate about their work and happy to ‘give a rookie the time of day’…whether it be explaining the intricacies of refrigeration, generators, composite panel…inverters, dual axels, vinyls blah blah blah!!! It was very comforting to know that for the most part people were happy to share their knowledge and have patience for ‘my ignorance’!!

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