13 Oct Early mornings

Alarm goes off at 430am…not that I have been asleep much all night! Nerves, excitement, worry…more nerves!

I wonder if it will always feel like this – every early morning I hit the road to the fish markets?

I do love the that the roads are so quiet and still, just the earliest of commuters, the tradies and shift workers.

A promising sight as I pull over to see a barista tending to his machine and setting up the tables for the day.
A friendly start my first conversation of the day, he is curious as to what I am up to this early in my Hi-Vis vest, when I tell him he is genuinely excited and tells me who I ‘need’ to speak with at the markets – even offering to call ahead and speak with his mate!
“Tell him Georgie sent you”

It’s a grey old day this morning for Sydney, as I pull into the markets, dodging the drizzle as I head inside to the hustle and bustle where others have been working hard for hours already.

It’s still quite intimidating coming here – and so I walk ‘with confidence’ through the rows of white refrigerated trucks, vans and utes lined up ready to load this mornings findings.
You can imagine my embarrassment as I slip on the slightly wet slope – only just catching myself!!!

I love watching all the different retailers packing their displays with ice – such a process and displaying with care their precious jewels from the sea.

After a great meeting I am off to grab some beautiful Coffs Harbour Kings (for breaky!) nothing tastes better than the freshest firm and succulent flesh of a slightly salty buttery prawn as the first thing for the day (well apart from the piccolo earlier). Heavenly!!

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