10 Nov Here we go…


Woo hoo punch the air!!! 3 cheers for Percy!!

We did it!!!

We actually had an idea…a dream really… and we worked hard, persisted…and persisted…and hey presto!

Sunday was the Pittwater Paddle, the 2nd annual event for the Northern Beaches Interchange to raise funds and awareness for their foundation supporting families with disabilities.

Loads of keen, paddlers were gearing up with their kayaks, SUP’s, boats, canoes –  and the race was off!


With no support from the weather but with loads of local community support and family and friends dropping by,  we almost completely sold out! More than I could have ever hoped for on Percy’s Prawn Pod Debut.

The morning began very early (after next to no sleep) welcome to my new life me thinks.  We had shipped the kids off to keep clear heads for loading up and setting up our first event.

No reversing of the trailer was necessary – TICK – first worry off my mind.  Managed to drive Percy in front ways and manoeuver him into place.

Immediately so many friendly people genuinely interested in looking and chatting about the shape and look of Percy (I’m telling you – he is handsome!).

I was very warmly welcomed into the world of mobile food vans by the lovely Jenine from

“Café Sassy” www.cafesassy.com.au

Jenine got us sorted out quick smart with a nice strong piccolo to start the morning.

Ben from Maboul Crepes www.maboul.com.au soon arrived in his big red ball and busily began to prep for the morning too…

I was looking forward to trying one of his crepes later on, but for now the nervous butterflies were taking up way too much room in my belly.

My first sale!!!

A lovely couple sent by their son who had heard about Prawn Pod.  They were very happy to buy 1.5kg of fresh Australian Prawns to take home and tuck into for lunch.   Let me say these tiger prawns were super delicious too – fresh in from Cardwell in QLD.

So much positive feedback today –  everyone loved the succulent prawns devouring them  with the fresh rolls and lashings of zesty cocktail sauce and the amazing hand churned butter by Pepe` Saya.

Everything was enjoyed by all ages – a couple sharing their anniversary, children picnicking on the grass, one little boy licking the cocktail sauce straight from the container!


I love how the specialness of prawns can make an occasion a celebration.


What a day to always remember – I am so grateful for the support of my wonderful family and friends and especially the great community that we are privileged to be a part of.

Cannot wait for next weekend to ‘Pop-Up’ and do it all again!! (but first sleep…)



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