08 Dec Peel, Share, Live!

This time of year tends to bring a lot of anxiety for people…end of year wrapping up at work, social obligations, kid’s activities and presentations…dance concerts and the like.  We are stretched in every direction – don’t even get me started on the present finding/buying/wrapping palaver!

Amongst all of this chaos I am finding so much enjoyment in my Friday afternoon/evenings at Bayview Park.  So many customers in wonderful happy spirits – relieved it is Friday night and taking the time to enjoy their family – what a great start to the weekend.

Last week I counted 7 different groups lingering on and picnicking with their spread of prawns and rolls.  Kids in paddling…a few with their dogs in tow.  Some of the locals, lucky enough to stroll down to grab their Friday night prawns.  One customer telling me she asked her kids – pizza night or prawn night – and they responded ‘PRAWN NIGHT’!!!

I am loving the atmosphere Prawn Pod creates.

Each week if I have managed to keep some prawns aside for us (not easy!) – it has been our best meal of the week as everyone takes the time to sit, peel and chat!  No shovelling down of stir fries or pasta dishes, but really relaxing and making the perfect bite with the fresh succulent prawns and zingy sauce.  Talking and enjoying each others company – generally no arguments (except perhaps over the last prawn!)

So get amongst it everyone!

Peel, Share, Live!!!


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