31 Aug Cream – Culture – Salt

It has been quite a while since I last wrote here…

…with Season #3 just around the corner we have been working away behind the scenes – so stay tuned…


However this post is all about the gorgeous butter we offer you with our fresh bread, juicy prawns and plump oysters…

pepe placemat

We had the opportunity of spending the evening with three passionate Australian Producers, each educating us on how they create the ever special and deliciously gorgeous Pepe Saya Hand Crafted Butter.

The evening was hosted by The Essential Ingredient in Rozelle and began with a warming glass of Tudor Pinot Noir from the Yarra Valley and a huge wedge of gorgeous crusty bread slathered in Pepe Saya Butter.  Great start! – I am sure you are salivating.


First up was John Fairly of Country Valley, a rugged and cheeky dairy farmer from Picton, so passionate about producing the best quality milk and cream.  He also educated us on the different fat contents and processes involved in bringing us this amazing dairy product. This new knowledge will certainly inform my future decisions when purchasing milk for my family.


Alex from Olsson’s Salt is a 3rd generation Salt Farmer – and this lady sure knows her
stuff!  It was so refreshing to hear someone speak with not only such zeal, but a profound technical knowledge surrounding her family’s craft and how they generate such a special Australian product.

Finally the gorgeous and charming,  Pepe Saya – I have been telling you all about how wonderfully superior his butter is for the past 2 seasons of Prawn Pod.  I was very excited to finally meet Pepe and hear more about how he produces his spreadable gold.pepe


As I have said it is all handcrafted in a process that otherwise was lost in Australia. What an inspiration to successfully mould something you are passionate about into an actual thriving business.  I overheard Pepe telling someone that what started out as a passion of his is now ‘so much part of their lives’.

By the way, apart from being damn delicious, during the process Pepe Saya butter actually develops probiotic cultures.  This formation of good bacteria is responsible for the gorgeous aromas and flavour that this butter is becoming so famous for.

Back to the Prawn Pod…

The official countdown will soon be on for Prawn Pod Season #3 – so you can look forward to having your spreadable gold on fresh rolls with our ever succulent prawns and oysters!!!

See you SOOOON!!!!!

pepe and mePS – I almost forgot, they had a ‘butter churning competition’  – we were given a small jar of cream with 2 marbles inside…the first to shake it into butter would win the special silver Pepe Saya pin…

Guess who won 😉

pepe pin


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